Thursday, 19 May 2011

Currently reading: Papercraft 2

We were smitten when we got our mitts on this amazing book! Paper-craft 2 is the second book published of its kind, showcasing the incredible work of paper artists from around the world. Two of the artists featured are Hattie Newman and Benja Harney, both of which will showcase their works at the A4 Paper Festival.

We quite like the preface of this book which states, "As a species, we love to test our limits. In life and love, science and engineering, art and architecture, the boldest among us enjoy nothing better than flexing our – real or celebral – muscles to see where daring, tenacity, and ingenuity might take us. And what better place to start than with a blank sheet of paper?" (Copy credit: Gestalten).

Other highlights include: Yulia Brodskaya, Clemens Behr, Mia Pearlman, Jen Stark, Bovey Lee and the fantastic Peter Callesen’s ‘White Window’ which is a paper installation using 264 sheets of A4 PAPER !

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  1. Could you tell me how to make this kind of papercraft. Because I have my own blog ( )and I would like to create some like yours for my blog (but with gundams ;) )